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Multi Screen Split Full

0.99 usd

Use multiple windows or split screens in your mobile device.This is the pro version of the Multi Screen Split Window application.* * Now supports adding of other app Widgets .* * Having enhanced text editor
Multi Screen application enables you to have two different screens side by side. This allows you to make full use of the Tablet/ Phablet screen space for multi tasking by allowing split windows. For example, you can read an article in Wikipedia and take notes at the same time.
It downloads and installs in seconds.Main features include :* Browsing two webpages side by side* Add application widgets* Watch a video and browse at the same time.* Browse and take notes * Compare images side by side * Scribble when you are watching a video or image* Resize the windows as you please.* NO Root access required.* And many more* Please note that this is not for opening other installed applications.Would you like to see some enhancement in this application? Please leave a comment or write to us.